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If it is a direct mail, it is the business base Ltd. of safety and results.
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Our company manages the business related to sending out hundreds of matters during year such as a small scale (over 100 mails), middle scales (over 2000 mails), and large scales (10000 or more). I will propose the business concerning the customer data input, management, and the direct mail sending out in the knowhow and always offer better service in customer's standpoint.

Cost reduction in direct mail Small lot・middle lot・It is possible to correspond to a large lot.
  Business Base of direct mail


The secret of the high rank of the Japan retrieval is safety, a price, and results.
Please let me hear your demand by all means.

Our service "Business base mail" usually deel with mail and both mail
service, and can deal with various kind according to the sending
out form of the direct mail.
'It ..enclosed work.. ..sealing.. summons and work and the label are pasted and it works
and work the bulk division' in 2000 small lots is free.

Sending out agency specialty of direct mail

The mail charge and the cost of the mail service sending out are large reductions.

The bulk division is free by enclosing, sealing, and 2000 pieces or more. the label pasting.

The charge of mail and the mail service is reduced in the knowhow of the Business Base Ltd. and the cost is reduced.
Moreover, the following work fee becomes free in 2000 pieces or more.
●Enclosed work (Up to two)
※Please consult in case of two pieces or more.

●Sealing envelops work(Toping)

●Work to stick labels on(Address seal)

●Bulk division work
The above-mentioned 2000 more work becomes free.
Even both mail and the mail service can correspond.
Time, the cost, and the labor cost of sending out can be greatly reduced.

Example of price of direct mail

It is a mail shipping fee and a price usually including the work fee.

Example:2000 pieces×Unit price 80 yen(Within 25g)=160,000 yen(Including tax)
      2000 pieces×Unit price 5
0 yen(Postcard)=100,000 yen(Including tax)

In a word, the cost like a great office expense and the labor cost, etc. can be

フリーダイアル・お問い合わせ一覧 Inquiry mail address

I will make the estimate free of charge.

The envelope print and the PP envelope, etc. are variously prepared.

Various prints concerning the direct mail are offered.

<Various prints concerning direct mail >

Postcard pasted by compressing it・Envelope print
・Label print ・Offset lithography・On-demand print・Printing in black and white・Color print・
Postcard print・Guide sentence print・Poster print etc.
I will offer various prints by cheap. Our company has a lot of results by the print.
(The Japanese velocity large-scale printer was introduced in 2007.)

Many collect the sample of how to make DM.
Postcard DM sample : here.

Best guide sentence and envelope print in direct mail.
One color speed print is offered by low price. We can deal with the envelope and the postcard print.


The idea : the direct mail sending out by the postcard print.


Original design data concerning the direct mail
⇒From 6,000 yen.

Please ask us even under 100 not definite fragments too much.

There is a lot of knowhow of our company more on the homepage.
100 and 500 small lot sending out will propose the plan to reduce the
equal above-mentioned cost by the knowhow of the Business Base.
First of all, please consult by the telephone.I estimate free of charge.

フリーダイアル・お問い合わせ一覧 Inquiry mail address
Print⇒Address output⇒Enclosed work⇒Delivery. Total work very welcome.

(※The delivery unit price will change to the mail service according to the number
of sheets of the delivery, shape, and weight. )

The secret of the high rank of the retrieval is safety, a price, and results.
(The first result of retrieval of word of "Direct mail" place in YAHOO japan retrieval)

Necessary data for the direct mail sending out is abundant.
11 million corporates address data of all over Japan is offered.

In corporate data for sending out the direct mail of the business
base, no direct mail arrival is from 2 to 3%. (It is said 10% from seven usually. )

The sending out target of the direct mail is specified in detail in business
telephone number & type of business & address etc.

The telephone number and the address data of the store are offered with various
enterprises in Japan and 11 million whole countries.

Direct mail sending out agency  Various business

宛名処理 封入・封緘 配送

 Data input  

 Label out 

Fold processing 

 Enclosing and seal stop 

 Label pasting 

 Division work 

 Stamp pushing 

 Delivery soon 

 Bureau putting out agency 

 Area limitation delivery 

 Day of the week specified delivery of day 

 Needs limitation delivery 

 Courier service 

イベント・キャンペーン アシスト業務
Toll-Free installation, application, and question and answer
Application receipt(postcard and letter, etc.)      
Post-office box establishment          
Paperwork(Clerical work data management・Input・DM etc. to applicant)
フリーダイアル・お問い合わせ一覧 Inquiry mail address

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