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If it is a direct mail, it is the business base Ltd. of safety and results.
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Our company manages the business related to sending out hundreds of matters during year such as a small scale (From 100), middle scales (From 2000), and large scales (10000 or more). We will propose the business concerning the customer data input, management, and the direct mail sending out in the knowhow and always propose better service in customer's standpoint.
We can deal 4800 kinds of type of business data such as various stores, the schools,
the real estates, the hair salons, esthetics, cosmetics, and the hospitals.

A regional target can be squeezed, and the data to do the sales promotion
action by the pinpoint be bought.
It is a direct mail solution of the Business Base Ltd..

I want to send the direct mail

imageThe Business Base sells list of the address in corporate business various stores in the whole

(※Individual information is not handled.)

Corporate data and the DM card list of 11 million whole countries were classified from the big
enterprise to the independent enterprise by 4800 kinds of types of business.
The direct mail list suitable for the purpose is extracted by the pinpoint as a target of the new customer development and the direct mail.
(※Individual address data is not possible.)
imageThe address list is made by specifying "Type of business" and "Region".
Please specify of "Type of business"and "Region"(e.g. Chiyo-ku, tokyo) of a target. You can choose "Region"by finding from prefecture to street numbers
imageComposition of address list
The up-to-date address is extracted from the data base. Because the address list will be delivered with MS-Excel, the processing and the label at the address can be easily made.
(1)Store and company name   (2)ZIP code (3)Address   (4)Telephone number 
imageData number extraction form (Free of charge)
It is a data number extraction form of NTT management. Please confirm the number of cases here.
(Attention:The estimate here becomes an estimate of NTT.
We estimate the price by mail.)
imageSincere total support to mail sending out agency
Even the envelope print, the postcard print, the label print, enclosing, sealing, and the bulk division will do the total support to the customer who hopes for the sending out agency.
フリーダイアル・お問い合わせ一覧 Inquiry mail address

Ordered flow
1 Please specify "Type of business" and "Region" from the data number extraction form, put the data extracted to our company on mail, and request the estimate if you want to learn the

2 I will guide the amount of the estimate and the delivery date from our company
with the turn mail.

3 It requests it with mail again "Formal order".
(※It costs the basic processing charge more than this work.)

4 The address list is extracted and it delivers it by the mail attached.

CD-ROM and the bill are sent by mail at the same time.

The data construction sample : here.

Special price of our company

●Basic processing charge One set/20.000 yen(excluding tax)
●Information processing output charge(Data)  One/Unit price 5 yen(excluding tax)
●Information processing output charge(Address seal)  One/Unit price 5 yen(excluding tax)

Example.  In case of 1,000
Basic processing charge 20,000 yen +Information processing output charge+(Address seal)
30,000 yen(excluding tax)
※Extra charge :
<1000 yen in the carriage uniform whole country+Cash-on-delivery charge 315 yen>

10% or more is secured no arrival.
(Uncertain new address etc.)
In addition, even sending out the direct mail is supported.
Mail sending out agency Mail service agency Fax direct mail agency
2000 or more, of sending out by mail and the mail service of the direct mail. Enclosing,the label pasting.
発送代行 メール便の事なら株式会社ビジネスベース
The direct mail sending out with the postcard is supported, and it totals and I will
support all processes from the print to sending out to the idea.
ハガキ印刷 発送代行なら 株式会社ビジネスベース

"Time and cost" of sending out and the labor costs can be greatly reduced by the
knowhow of the Business Base Ltd..
Please compare it by all means with the estimate of the other companies.
フリーダイアル・お問い合わせ一覧 Inquiry mail address

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